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Chronicles Class

Chronicles: Mercy and Misery Before the Messiah

Taught by DJ Carter
More history after Samuel and Kings?! Chronicles is a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness, from creation to Judah’s Babylonian captivity and the promised reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by King Cyrus the Great of Persia. Originally one book, it can be divided into four major sections: founding of the kingdom of Israel (1 Chr 1–9), the reign of David (1 Chr 10–29), the reign of Solomon (2 Chr 1–9), the kingdom of Judah from division to exile (2 Chr 10–36). This often-overlooked chunk of the canon contains some of the most quoted Scripture and fascinating displays of generosity, hospitality, forgiveness, and hope. Therefore, as the body of Christ, let us give our attention to Jesus’ family tree and develop spiritual practices while learning more about a few biblical characters who will be brothers and sisters with Him and us in God’s eternal kingdom.

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