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Church Work Day

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Hearing about the All-Church Work Day coming up on August 26 makes me think of this past February when our church body came together (in masses!) to serve at the Night to Shine Prom. It was an incredible gift to watch Trinity members from various generations partner to serve our prom guests. From teenagers to adults in their 20s and parents of toddlers and teens, everyone came with one goal in mind: to show the love of God by serving and loving on everyone in attendance at prom.

Post-prom, it has been really neat to see friendships and deep connections built among those who volunteered. I believe that serving together as a church body is a really neat gift the Lord gives us because it not only helps us build community and grow friendships, but it also gives us a chance to become more like our Father together as a group. I have loved nothing more than walking through our church halls and recognizing more faces than I knew before! I think serving together helps us make our "large church of random individuals" more of a welcoming home of friends and co-laborers. Because of that, I'm so grateful I can call Trinity my home. I'm looking forward to hearing how our church has come together again on August 26 to care for our shared facility and property!  —Sarah Beasley

Many hands make light work. Come experience community at Trinity by serving shoulder to shoulder with brothers and sisters to spruce up our grounds and building. Please select your first and second choice from signup sheet. There are two projects that will take longer than 3 hours to complete. If you have time, please consider signing up for one of these EXTENDED HOURS teams. We will culminate our work with some fellowship and popsicles from a local ice cream truck.

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