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Every person is both marked by dignity, having been made in the image of God, and broken to the core because of the devastating effect of sin. We understand that this reality of brokenness affects all relationships—relationships with ourselves, with our families, and with others around us. So we take seriously the need for providing thoughtful and wise counsel, which we offer to our parishioners.

We provide pastoral counseling with one of Trinity's pastors, which may cover a wide range of issues from spiritual struggles to relational difficulties. Pastoral counseling is intended to be short-term—from one to four sessions.

For longer-term counseling (anything over four sessions) or for issues where someone with more clinical training is appropriate, we have our counseling center, New City Counseling, where parishioners and those in our community can receive counseling from master-level counselors that is biblically and theologically rich, as well as clinically sound. We offer this counseling at fees at or below the cost of counseling in our community.

For pastoral counseling, call the church office at 434.977.3700.