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Faith and Work

Trinity is committed to every aspect of a person's life growing more and more into the image of Jesus. This includes our everyday work, whatever that may be—being in school or managing a household, working at an office or with one's hands. What we do in our work lives can be part of God's mission for the restoration of all things. And our work life is one of the most important "schools" we have for growing in knowledge and obedience and godliness.

Many of us, however, are frustrated at work—what we learn of the Gospel at church can seem irrelevant or impractical in what we do every day.

As a church, we are serious about closing this Sunday-to-Monday gap, learning together how to find purpose and beauty in our work, to glorify God with our labor, and to be a blessing to our neighbors. Sometimes we call this "vocational stewardship"—how to make the most of our jobs, large or small, to act as parts of God's will in the world around us.

Our effort to bring everyday work under the will of God takes many forms. You will see it in the Trinity Fellows Program for recent college graduates living among us. You will hear it taught from the pulpit and in our adult classes. Listen for it in our prayers together. We try to discuss it in our small groups. And there are groups like the New City Arts Initiative and the Charlottesville Business Initiative where we engage particular "industries" with our desire to grow as workers and to use our gifts to make our city a better place for all its citizens.

To learn more about getting involved with Trinity's efforts in Faith and Work, contact Wade Bradshaw.