Sunday Services at 8:30 and 11:15
Seeking the renewal of all things through Jesus Christ

First Corinthians

Taught by Bill Wilder
Imagine you’re Paul. Having worn out your welcome in Ephesus (at least among the idol-making silversmiths), you have set your sights on Corinth. It’s time to write a letter to the energetic and unruly church there, but (oy vey!) where to start? Your friend Chloe and her crowd have painted a most unflattering portrait of the church there (bickering, factions, rank immorality), to which you really need to respond. And then there is the letter you have received from the church itself, raising a whole variety of questions and offering their own well-intentioned but mostly off-kilter answers—complete with slogans (oh, those slogans!). You call your assistant, stand up to dictate your letter, and begin. The letter the world will later know as First Corinthians is off and running. Join Bill Wilder as he explores the apostle Paul’s long, passionate, Christ-captivated letter to the Corinthian church. You may never read this letter the same way again.

1.18.15—Slides; Audio file
1.25.15—Slides; Audio file
2.1.15—Slides; Audio file
2.8.15—Slides; Audio file
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