Sunday Services at 8:30 and 11:15
Seeking the renewal of all things through Jesus Christ

Gifted to Steward and Serve Class

Led by Dennis Doran; teachers include DJ Carter, Alex Hwang, Sean Rubin

God’s beloved community is a living organism comprising many parts or members. Each of these members has been gifted in specific areas and possesses particular abilities. To inform, inspire, invigorate, and integrate each of these gifted parts toward the unification of Christ’s diverse body (the Church), Jesus returned to His Father and sent us His Spirit for this great undertaking! Therefore—in obedience to this Holy Spirit—we devoted five weeks to learning and sharing how our God has gifted us for stewardship and service in the various sectors of His eternal Kingdom.

10.23.16 Class 1 Audio fileslides
10.30.16 Class 2 Audio fileslides
11.6.16 Class 3 Audio file
11.13.16 Class 4 Audio file
11.20.16 Class 5 Audio file