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In the Bible God calls His people to care deeply about each other and about His world—in all the struggles and complexities that care entails. In fact, the New Testament lays out a structure for leadership in the church—of elders and deacons—to help with the spiritual, emotional, relational, and practical care for each other, as well as for our neighbors and world.

At Trinity, which is a fairly large congregation situated in a fairly small city, we are always thinking of ways to improve this care for our congregation and neighbors. We believe that finding ways to multiply the work of our pastors and staff is both necessary and biblical, as God calls pastors to equip the people of God for the work of ministry and calls his people "a priesthood of believers," meaning that all of his people have gifts of ministry and care to be shared with each other. And much of this "multiplying" is done through our small group ministry, where our leaders care for (and are cared for by) the members in their groups.

In line with this, we’ve restructured our previous Parish Model to focus primarily on our elders and deacons knowing and addressing the various needs of our church. We are calling this, simply, Parish Care. The first thing we’ve done is restructured our parishes so that each parish is now much more equally distributed with both members and church officers. Second, we’re providing clear lines of communication for our congregation to receive care, as well as some clear expectations for the care that is offered. We have set aside parish care elders and deacons in each parish who are committed to this work. We’ve also set aside two lay positions for each parish, a parish communications coordinator—someone to be an initial point of contact and help track requests and follow up—and a prayer coordinator—someone with the gifting and passion to pray for parishioners, sometimes alone and sometimes in gatherings in the parish.

It is our hope and expectation that this parish care structure will enhance the shepherding and mercy care of our church, and that this care will flow out to our neighbors.


Parish North South East West Central
Care Elder Mike Richards Greg Breeding Bob Byrne Bill Cassidy Joe Magri
Care Deacon Jim Garmey Alex Piedra Guiming Xiao Bob Luck Russ Edwards
Care Deacon Jeff Johnson Michael Crawley Russell Marks
Communications Coordinator Audrey Kattwinkel Lyndee Breeding Elizabeth Wafler Brooke Reid Pamela McLellan
Prayer Coordinator Carey Bailey Chrissie Shirley Jan Avery Terri Nicholaou Kathy Bleam

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Where do you live? Here's how the parishes are organized geographically.
NORTH: North of the city boundaries
SOUTH: South of Main St, south of the city. Includes city neighborhoods of Fry's Spring, Johnson Village, Fifeville, JPA
EAST: Ridge St and east of Ridge/McIntire. Includes city neighborhoods of Locust Grove, Martha Jefferson, Woolen Mills, Belmont, Pantops, North Downtown. Lake Monticello, Palmyra, Fork Union.
WEST: West of the city boundaries
CENTRAL: University area and city neighborhoods including Venable, Barracks Road, Rose Hill, Rugby, The Meadows, Greenbrier, Lewis Mountain

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