Sunday Services at 8:30 and 11:15
Seeking the renewal of all things through Jesus Christ

The Art of Spiritual Mentoring

Taught by Wade Bradshaw and Andy Macfarlan
A wise mentoring relationship can cause growth in one's experience of life in Christ. This course is going to speak practically—preparing people as mentors and helping others know what to look for and expect from a mentor. We are going to listen to "both generations." And then we hope mentoring will become a strong element in spiritual formation at Trinity. Everyone—from the cynical to the excited—is welcome.

Class 1, 1.10.16 Audio file
Class 2,1.17.16 Audio fileslides
Class 3, 1.31.16 Audio file
Wheel of Life Inventory
Love Relationships Inventory
Week 3 Scripture
Class 4, 2.7.16 Audio file
Class 5, 2.21.16 Audio fileSlides
Class 6, 2.28.16 Audio file
Discernment and Spiritual Progress (PDF)
Class 7, 3.7.16 Audio fileSlides
Class 8, 3.13.16 Audio file, Slides