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The Well

You are invited to join The Well on Friday, March 24, at the Macfarlans' home from 7:30–10pm.

This month we have the pleasure to hear from Dr. Andy Macfarlan. In continuation of our fall theme, he will be speaking on the topic of Christians in Roles of Authority: How ought Christians steward power? What does it look like to use roles of influence to bear out God's Kingdom?

Dr. Macfarlan has been a Trinity member for 12 years, a Charlottesville resident for 37 years, and was baptized into a life in Christ 63 years ago. He has practiced family medicine in Charlottesville for his whole career. Besides his practice, he has held positions in the corporate world, the academic world, and the world of faith communities. His entire adult life he has struggled to experience God’s love, to receive His healing, to hear His direction, and to do His will while trying to live out a life of service in the name of Jesus. Dr. Macfarlan will discuss how the elements of personal health intersect with secular and Christian leadership.

Following the speaker there will be time for fellowship with plenty of light refreshments served!

Directions to the Macfarlans', 418 Townbrook Court: From Rio Rd, enter Dunlora subdivision. After 100 yards, turn left on Shepherds Ridge Rd. Go 0.4 miles and turn right on Townbrook Crossing. Go 100 yards and turn right on Townbrook Ct. Last condo on the right. Park anywhere along Townbrook Crossing or Townbrook Ct that doesn't block neighbors' driveways. You may also park on Shepherds Ridge Rd. If you get lost or have questions, call Carrie: 434.981.3426.

Please also join us on March 17-18 for the Faith Seeking Understanding Forum, Grace In Space: Hospitality in an Age of Isolation at Trinity Presbyterian Church. We are excited to hear from Christine Pohl on this important topic! More information.

Don’t forget about lunch on Sunday, March 26. We will be having lunch immediately following the late service at Brazos Tacos at 1pm. Be sure to bring a friend!

The Well gathers the third Friday of every month 7:30–10pm for a time of teaching, testimony and fellowship. In addition, The Well will offer retreats, service projects and social gatherings to further ground people in fellowship and in their sense of deep and abiding community within the church.

The Well represents a place of gathering, a place of acceptance and a place of meeting our thirst for good teaching, fellowship and mentoring. Wells are deep places. They are places of deep physical and spiritual significance where Jesus met and shared conversation with people. Augustine (AD 354–430) uses the example of the woman at the well to describe the spiritual and bodily thirst the human heart has for goodness and truth. In the parable, Jesus told the woman He could give her “living water” so that she would never thirst again. Jesus used the words “living water” to refer to eternal life, the gift that would satisfy her soul’s desire only available through Him. At The Well we hope to regularly (monthly) offer a place where young adults in their 20s and early 30s can explore vocation, community, service, ideas and faith more deeply.

For audio files of previous speakers at The Well, go to the bottom of the page.

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