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Vacation Bible School

Marketplace VBS

June 19–22, 9am–12:15pm / Ages 5–5th grade

Held at Trinity Presbyterian Church

Join us for a multi-sensory, hands-on immersion into Jesus' first year of ministry. Children will be divided into tribes. Each day they will visit the School where they will learn more about Jesus' life; the Marketplace where they will apprentice to various craftmen such as a carpenter; the Courtyard where they will taste authentic foods; and the Field where they will enjoy dancing and games, and be enthralled by a storyteller. Interactive Bible skits will be woven throughout the day. Come journey with us as we seek to see Jesus anew!

Prospect VBS

JUNE 19–22, 6–7:30PM / AGES 5–5TH GRADE

Held at the Abundant Life House

Join us for fun and fellowship as we learn about finding our strength in God through Hero Central VBS. Sing fun songs, do science experiments, play games, make creative crafts and more!



Whether you want to guide a tribe through the day, help to direct a mosaic craft, make flatbread, or teach dancing—we need you! To learn more, click here. Or go directly to the signup page. We offer childcare for children ages 0–4 during VBS for volunteers who sign up for the entire week.

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Special Needs

The body of Christ is made up of people with a variety of abilities, and all of us are created with value and dignity in the image of God. Therefore our desire is to make the gospel accessible to all touched by disability who require assistance in order to fully participate in the life of the church. Please let us know if your child would benefit from accommodations—we would love to make VBS accessible to them. Please contact Megan Wardell, our special needs coordinator.

Register children ages 5–5th grade

*4-year-olds are welcome to come but must be accompanied by an adult

Register your child for the grade they are going into.

Sign up to volunteer

*Childcare for children through age 4 is provided for full-time volunteers