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Trinity Together | May 2018

News for 05.10.18
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May 2018 Header

A MONTHLY LOOK AT our life with God,
one another, and our neighbors




I want to update you on several developments regarding our overall safety as a church. This does not come from a spirit of fear but a spirit of wisdom. Our Lord Jesus declared: "I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves." We must be mindful of the wolves, and we are called to discern faithful wisdom.

Over the last few months, members of the Diaconate have partnered with some staff members to review the safety procedures and protocols at our church. To help us evaluate, three of our deacons have attended church safety and training seminars and have been updating the Diaconate and staff along the way. A safety expert was also invited to survey and evaluate our buildings and our procedures. These trainings and recommendations have been helpful as this group considers what needs to be improved at Trinity.

This review work has produced several changes in particular:

  • Starting this month, an off-duty police officer is present on Sunday mornings.
  • We are limiting some of our church entrances and exits, because with so many it is difficult to know who is coming and going.
  • We are moving the upstairs nursery downstairs to the room currently containing the library, so that all of the nursery will be in one area.
  • In the months to come, we will also implement a new check-in system for our entire children's Sunday school and nursery.

We're continuing to evaluate other safety measures suggested by the safety audit. It is important for us to receive feedback for these changes, so we want to hear from you. We realize that what might seem wise to some is insensitive or even offensive to others. So please join in this work with us. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at

Following up

deacon assistants program

Last June, Trinity’s first deacon assistants were appointed by our Session and commissioned to serve our church. Deacon assistants serve in various ways with Trinity’s diaconal and mercy ministries, seeking to demonstrate the gospel in our church and in the larger community. This includes supporting, planning, and participating in relational ministries that often traverse cultural boundaries.

Last year, following nine months of preparation, Christine Guarnera, Sandra Johnson, Emily Massengill, Maggie Stein, and Ben Ward began serving as DAs. Each has come to play a vital role as they engage with the scope of diaconal ministries at Trinity and the relational emphasis that forms the basis for our philosophy of ministry. DAs extend our church’s ability to care for those who are hurting and our denomination’s charge that deacons care for “the sick, the widow, the orphan, the prisoner, and any others who may be in distress or need.”

Deacon assistants serve in diverse ways. These include leading or teaching in programs like WorkLife, participating in Mercy Ministry discussions, planning and executing hospitality events to build relationships, and fostering partnerships in the community to assist refugees and others in need. One of the DAs says that her work over the last year has helped her see the larger vision for mercy work while giving her joy with a specific place and responsibility in that work. In addition to her regular duties with the mercy team, she enjoys assisting Pastor Joe Magri with extra needs that often arise, such as emergency transportation, childcare, or comforting families that have suffered loss.

Having gained some feedback and experience from participants in our first effort, the DA program will continue this year with a more streamlined and focused approach. Training will focus specifically on the present works of the Mercy Ministry along with gaining an understanding of the approach we are taking and why. There will be fewer training classes scheduled to offer accessibility to as many as possible. At the same time, we expect to take a “deep dive” into the issues that come along with caring for people and demonstrating the love of Christ as a people.

Inasmuch as we continue to be excited about the DA program and how it can extend ministry in our church, our congregation still needs to nominate and ordain additional deacons for long-term (life) service. Trinity needs both deacons and DAs. More information can be found on the website. Keep in mind that the deadline for nominating officers is May 21. The next DA recruitment period will take place in the fall.

If you’d like to know more about becoming a deacon assistant, we encourage you to seek out and talk to any of those who are currently serving.

Ministry Spotlight

SWING DANCE A great success

"Just a quick note...we had so much fun tonight. Thanks for all the work it took to put this evening together!"  —Kay & Ron Mills

"We had an absolute blast learning to dance and enjoyed the fellowship. For a couple like us, getting out on dates is almost impossible. We felt truly loved and cared for by Trinity. This is exactly the kind of event that will help Trinity pursue its mission and vision. Attendees were challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually, and the dance drew couples from diverse backgrounds, ages, and levels of involvement in the community.  Overall 10 out of 10—so delightful!"  —Amanda & Nathan Charette

"We had so much fun last night! Thanks for planning such a wonderful time of fellowship and dancing—and giving those of us with kids an all-inclusive date night!"  —Jae & Tiffany Kwon

Swing Dance 1

Swing Dance 3


Swing Dance 4
Swing Dance 2

Financial Update TT 2017


BY Stu scott, Chairman, finance committee

Giving in April was robust, with a 16% increase over April 2017. This increase was driven by significant growth in online giving, at $78,230. Trinity's year-to-date overall giving is up 5.1%—a good foundation toward achieving our 2018 giving target of $2.858 million.

Session Summary

session summary: APRIL

BY elder bill cassidy, clerk of session

At our meeting on the April 12 Sam Heath reminded us about the then upcoming Faith Seeking Understanding Forum, Race: Unity in Diversity. I hope many of you were among the large gathering of attenders. Featured speaker Christina Edmondson spoke with wit and grace about many important racial issues facing us as a church and city.

The excellent presentations can be found here, if you missed the Forum or would like to hear them again.

We are in the process of planning/scheduling a retreat for deacons, elders, and the Chapter. We are looking forward to growing together as new and older leaders ease into what can feel like a new yoke. Please pray for this important time.

We gratefully welcomed the many newest members, acknowledging God’s great goodness in continuing to build His church among us. Their pictures are up in the hallway, so please take note and greet them when you see them.

We sent a letter to Nathan Walton, the new executive director of Abundant Life, expressing gratitude for his having been called to this service, welcome to him and his family, and hopeful anticipation of working together with him and Abundant Life.

Jessica Wey Robinson reported that first quarter giving was the same as in 2017. Please remain prayerful about your stewardship in the church. If you have a head and heart for stewardship, perhaps you would consider joining our newly forming Stewardship Committee. Deacon Michael Joyce can answer any questions you may have.

Because giving is such an important part of our spiritual life, the Session approved adding Giving as our tenth spiritual practice. We will hear more about implementing giving as a practice in the months to come.

Have a question about our Session? Email

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