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Seeking the renewal of all things through Jesus Christ

Trinity Together | September 2015

News for 09.08.15
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A monthly look at our life with God, one another and our neighbors



Think, for a moment, about the last truly great meal that you had. Maybe it was freshly caught tuna at the end of summer vacation or maybe it was a bowl of chicken soup after finally recovering from the flu. Now pull back from the actual food for a moment and reflect on what made the meal so wonderful. Likely the food was a part of this…but only a part. The place—the lighting, the space, the service—may have also played a role in making this meal wonderful. But more than the food and the ambiance, it is the people we share a meal with that make the meal itself great. The connections between and among friends are some of the deepest joys of life. It is the hope of the CCLT (Community & Care Leadership Team) that every parishioner would experience glimpses of friendship and connection like this here at Trinity.

Part of what it means to be made in the image of God is that we were made for relationship and friendship. These friendships, built around and sustained by the love of God in Christ, are places where we practice seeing and hearing each other, where we laugh, cry, ponder together. They are places where we learn how to love.

As you may have heard or felt yourself, Trinity can be a challenging place to ‘get in’ to community. Read below the experience of one family in our church, the Byrne family, as they journeyed from the front door to experiencing deep fellowship:

When we first began attending Trinity Church in 2012, we had 4 children 4 and under, including 6-month-old twins. We were barely breathing. Our family was transitioning from a several-year stint helping with a church plant, and we were realizing that the time of intense ministry had left us dry and hungry.

We arrived at Trinity, placed our sweet children into the loving hands of the childcare workers, grabbed some hot, strong coffee, and plopped down into one of the Adult Education classes.  The next weeks and months confirmed that God had directed us to Trinity for this time to be loved and fed well.  We were so encouraged by the rich teaching we received through the education classes and the different sermon series.

Recognizing the benefit of Christian community, we desired to get to know others better and began inviting some families into our home for dinner and fellowship. We were also the recipient of several warm invitations into others’ homes, and new friendships began to form.

Through these connections, we came to know other Trinity members in our area who were interested in forming a small group. Our family began hosting this group several years ago and it now includes 5 families, ranging from newly married to retired couples.

Each Sunday evening over dinner, we pray for one another’s struggles and concerns and rejoice together in the ways God is answering our requests and working among us. This group has blessed us more than we could have imagined. And they have played a large part in re-energizing our family and enabling us to continue pursuing ministry and service opportunities both inside and outside the church.

This past year, Bob went through the elder training process and began his active role as elder this summer. We are humbled by this opportunity and so thankful that God has used Trinity and its members to nourish our family and equip us for this next season of ministry.

Taking the first step to participate in Christian community can be daunting. We are asked to be vulnerable with others and to invest in their lives. This sounds scary and takes time. But this investment reaps great rewards. True and authentic friendships are formed. Spiritual insight and wisdom is gained. And we, as God’s people, are equipped for service and mission.

We are very thankful for the Trinity Church community and look forward to the days ahead.

The Byrnes' experience of welcome and community began with their experience with the nursery, continued as their minds and hearts were engaged in Adult Education and through sermons, and flowed into their desire to bring others into their home in hosting a small group, even as they were invited into the homes of others.

We recognize that, though we were made for loving friendship with one another, because of sin our friendships and experiences of intimate community are often marked by frustration, disappointment, and longing. But, because all things are being made new in Jesus, we now, by the power of the Spirit, have the ability to pursue each other—like Bob and Lauren Byrne pursued and were pursued by others at our church.

This is hard work and we need each other—with all of our gifting, wisdom, peculiarity, and struggle—in order to pursue it. If you are new to Trinity or desiring to become a part of a smaller community, we would love to connect you with a Parish Small Group. To join a group, please complete the interest form at




As summer closes and we embrace yet another beautiful fall here in Charlottesville, many of you have been asking the simple question “How can I get involved in serving at Trinity?” I want to highlight one specific way you can quickly step into the life of our church, whatever your age, whether you are a long-time member or a new visitor.

Frances Shaw new

In my current role at Trinity it has been such a privilege and joy to collaborate with several of you on our revamped Sunday morning hospitality initiative. In many ways, hospitality is right where my heart lies—at the intersection of effective, clear communication and an inviting space where relationships can flourish. By providing these two things, our hope is to cause both members and visitors to know and feel their value in our church, in this city, and in our world.

As a result of the diligent efforts of several amazing team leaders, we have built up six new Hospitality Teams. These teams of hospitality volunteers consist of parents and their young children, college students, empty nesters, elders, deacons, young professionals—they include everyone. Each volunteer has committed to serving with their team for one Sunday about every six weeks. While the time commitment is small—only 30 minutes before a service and 15 minutes afterwards—the impact can be profound. In choosing to take a step outside of our usual habits at church, we will slowly cause a change within ourselves and within the broader culture of Trinity. We will begin to notice those who sit by themselves week after week. We will see the couple with no friends to talk to, regularly standing near the coffee alone. We will recognize the young person who walks out of the sanctuary after communion because it is too painful to be alone when the service ends.

You may have noticed people with bright green name badges scattered throughout the church on recent Sunday mornings, intentionally and probably sometimes awkwardly welcoming you. This Sunday morning, let them ask you if you are new to Trinity, even if you’ve been a member for years. Let the awkwardness pass by and fade away as you get to know one another.

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, I would love to answer any questions you may have and share how you can be a part of one of these Sunday morning teams. There are also many other ways that you can serve this fall, many areas in our church body that need your unique talents and abilities. See the list below for other current volunteer needs throughout our church.

Ministry Volunteer Need Time Commitment Contact
Worship Communion Wine Prep Team 2 hours per week Frances Shaw
Worship Communion Sunday Prep Team 20 minutes on Sunday mornings at 7:45am
Frances Shaw

Worship Communion Replenishing Team 30-45 minutes on Sunday mornings at 10:00am
Frances Shaw

Worship Communion Cleanup Team 1 hour on Sunday afternoons
Frances Shaw

Worship Musician / Singer 7:30am-12:45pm one Sunday per month Isaac Wardell
Worship Worship Leader 8:00am-12:45pm one Sunday every 1 to 2 months Isaac Wardell
Worship Visual Tech Sundays from 7:45am-12:30pm; once every 2 months Frances Shaw
Worship Audio Tech Sundays from 7:45am-12:30pm; once every 2 months
Frances Shaw

Worship Children's Choir Vounteer 2 hours on Sundays from 4:00-6:00pm Frances Shaw
Hospitality Hospitality Host Teams 2 hours on Sunday morning; about every 6 weeks Frances Shaw
Visual Arts Visual Arts Ministry Team Member Project based and flexible
Frances Shaw

Jobs for Life Jobs for Life Champion 3.5 hours per week for 2 months David Phillips
ESL ESL Teacher 3 hours per week Joe Magri
Mercy - PACEM PACEM Planner 2 hours per week in Nov & Dec. Ryan Feaver
Fellows Host Family / Part-time Job Host ('16-'17 school year) 6-10 hours per week Dennis Doran
Mainly Music Adult refreshment set up / tear down volunteer 9:00-12:00 on Friday mornings Sheila Porter
Mainly Music Sign-in table host 8:30-12:00 on Friday mornings Sheila Porter
Student Minsitry Middle School D-group Leader 4-5 hours per week Ben Melchers
Special Needs Special Needs Sunday School teachers & helpers Sundays from 10:00-11:00am between 1 & 4 times per month Megan Wardell
Special Needs Friends for Life volunteers 1 Thursday per month from 6:30-8:00pm Megan Wardell
Special Needs Children's worship buddies Sundays from 8:30-10:00am at least once per month Megan Wardell
Special Needs Worship Service Respite Care for Families Sunday mornings at least once per month Megan Wardell
Special Needs Sunday school buddies for a children with special needs Sundays from 10:00-11:00am at least once per month Megan Wardell
International Students International student Friendship Partner 2 hours per month Kevin Sawyer
International Students Bible study facilitator for International students 2 hours per week Kevin Sawyer
International Students Hospitality Support Varies Kevin Sawyer



The session did not meet in the month of August.

The report from September's Full Session Meeting on September 10th will be included in next month's edition of Trinity Together.

Questions? Email:



Bob and Sandra Luck met as first years at UVA, and Bob says Sandra has been a strong encouragement in his walk with Christ since they began dating. Both graduated from UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce in 1978. They grew up in different denominations and settled in a third denomination when relocating from Northern Virginia to Charlottesville in 1983. Ten years later, seeking a strong, Bible-teaching church home, they were drawn to Trinity’s outstanding youth programs and began attending with their four pre-teen children in 1994.

Bob and Sandra taught Sunday School and worked with the youth ministry as their children grew up in our church. They have hosted Fellows and been in small groups and part of Bible studies—the men’s Friday group and Wednesday in the Word. Bob was elected to serve as a Deacon 11 years ago and originally was drawn to Mercy Ministry. However, with a background in finance and accounting, he has felt called to serve on the Finance Committee for the last eight years.

Bob’s career has been with Charlottesville-based CFA Institute, a global professional organization that promotes ethics in financial services. The job means a lot of travel for him to many different parts of the world. When he does find some down time at home he likes to run, swim, garden, read spy novels, and follow UVA sports. Sandra worked as a CPA for several years until the Lucks started their family. In 2009, she returned to work as a tax accountant and is thriving in her renewed professional life. Sandra has similar active interests and they both love having time to be with their six grandchildren. Their eldest son, Robert is an attorney in Richmond, and he and his wife, Lauren, have three boys. The other three grandchildren can be found around Trinity where their parents, Steven and Emily Luck, are members. Steven and his younger brother, William, both work as construction managers locally. Their sister, Catherine, works as a banker and can be heard singing in Trinity’s choir on Sundays.

Bob has a strong desire to see Trinity continue as a place where truth is taught and the gospel is preached to prepare Trinity’s children and our UVA students to live as Christians in a growingly inhospitable culture. He believes that if we are to be a missionary church, we must be well grounded in our understanding of God’s word and discerning about being “in” but not “of” the world. His aspiration for the Diaconate is to build on the good job it does with stewarding the church’s facility and finances to do an even better job of mobilizing the members to serve as the hands and feet of Christ in caring for the congregation and the community.



The final four months are important for finishing the ministry year. Please give generously this Fall to help Trinity's ministries continue serving well, and grow into the next year without further cutbacks. Over $1 million is needed to fulfill our goals for the year. As of August, giving is $33,000 behind expectations. Expenses are on budget. However, with additional cash needs for building repairs and severances, our operating cash accounts are low.





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