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Sunday Services at 8:30 and 11:15
Seeking the renewal of all things through Jesus Christ

Work, Works and Good Works

Taught by Bill Wilder

It's easy for Christians to wonder about the value of what they do. Wasn't work cursed by God in the Old Testament? Doesn't the New Testament oppose faith and works? And yet God's people are also regularly encouraged to "do good" and to "good works" in the Bible. And of course there's the "Protestant work ethic," which reminds us of the high place of work in some Christian traditions (including our own). So what is to be done with human doing?

This class addresses that last question, beginning with God's purposes in creation for human doing, continuing with the corruption of human doing in the fall (and in Israel's experience under the law), and concluding with the fulfillment of human doing in Christ and His church. Throughout the class we pose the most important question of all: how can we reject our own works as a means of salvation while never failing to embrace our role as agents of God's goodness in the world? This class has implications for all we "do" in the world in its various spheres: family, church, job, and community.

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