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Adult Classes

Enrich your life. Deepen your faith. Explore God's Word.

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Whether you've been at Trinity for 10 years or 10 days, there's a class that can expand your knowledge of who God is and how He is at work in your life and in our world. Classes offer rich wisdom, thought-provoking teaching, and practical application. If you are just beginning to explore Christian spirituality or are looking to dig deep into the teachings of the Christian faith, adult classes have something to offer you.

Adult education at Trinity takes place on Sunday mornings from 10:00–11:00. Nursery care (infant–age 2) is available at this time. Children's Sunday School and Student Breakfast (for middle and high school students) take place during this hour.

current CLASSES

Block 4 adult classes run from February 19–March 26 (no classes on March 5 due to our Resurrection Garden Workshop).

Intro to Trinity (Membership Class)
Led by Fitz Green and staff members, classroom 1 (room 201)
Our Intro class gives you an overview of what we're about at Trinity—what we believe and why and how we do the things we do. If you're new to Trinity, you'll find this class very helpful. If you want to join the church as a member, the class is required. The Intro class runs for two blocks, ending in mid-March.
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Theology for Anyone and Everyone
Taught by Ambrose Resident Bo Waldo, classroom 2 (room 202)
What is theology? Why does it matter? Does it matter? Maybe you think theology is just for pastors to think about. Maybe you think talking about theology gets in the way of more important things the church should be focusing on. Maybe you love theology. The hope in this class is to discover why the “study of God” matters to anyone and everyone, and how better understanding who He is helps us to better understand who we are, and how we relate to Him, to one another, and to the world.
2.19.17 Audio file; slides

Into the Darkness: Incarnation and Mission
Taught by Kevin Sawyer, classroom 3 (room 203)
The Incarnation of Christ is a cornerstone of Christian theology. Jesus' coming into the world is also a cornerstone of the larger biblical narrative of God's mission in the world. This class will marry these two ideas to view the movement of Christ into the world as a model for God's call to the church to move into the world in mission.
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The Lamb and the Lion: Christ in the Book of Revelation, Part 2
Taught by Byron Harris, classroom 4 (room 250)
Using the Lamb of God (and the Lion of Judah) as our guide and exemplar, we explore the book of Revelation as a treasure that culminates the story of the triune God's love for His people and the world. A book of great hope and wild images, full of affliction and salvation, and lots and lots of numbers (especially seven). Come join us for a quick walk through the last book of the New Testament. Resources: The Lamb and the Lion: The Gospel in Revelation, by Graeme Goldsworthy; The Theology of the Book of Revelation, by Richard Bauckham (available at used booksellers such as ABEBooks and Alibris).
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The Redemptive Journey of Parenting
Taught by John & Anna Gayle and Bryan & KC Verbrugge, classroom 6 (choir rm)
Would you like to learn how to control your children, especially in public, so they will never embarrass you again? Would you like to learn the five tricks to ensuring your children marry a godly spouse before the age of 25? Would you like to learn the seven things any good parent would do to guarantee an Ivy League college acceptance? Well, then this class is not for you!

It’s easy to focus on the wrong things as parents and to get lost in the bewildering array of all that parenting entails, missing the glorious calling that it is. In this class, we will seek to offer encouragement and advice to parents in the midst of the day to day from our own experience (and failures!), as well as opening the group up to weekly discussion together. Parenting is a wonderful redemptive journey.

During our five weeks of class, we will look at the Five P’s of Parenting: the purpose of parenting, the practice of parenting, the pitfalls of parenting, the partners in parenting, and persevering in parenting.
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Eagles Wings
Led by Megan Wardell, classroom 7 (room 204)
Our Eagles Wings Class is for adults with special learning needs. More information.

Chinese Sunday School Class (CSSC)
Led by Yunge Zhao, classroom 5
All Mandarin speakers welcome. We sing hymn, discuss Sunday's sermon and how to live our daily lives as Christians in Chinese. We also have small group (3–5 people) sharing, discussion, and pray. We share testimonies and faith in Christ, and we discuss/teach basic Christian doctrines to seekers. Welcome all brothers, sisters, and friends who speak Chinese and are interested in Christianity to join us! For more information: email Yunge Zhao.

中文主日学 CSSC)

欢迎所有讲中文的朋友们参加!我们会在一起用中文唱圣歌,讨论主日讲道信息和如何在我们每天的生活中活出基督徒的样式。我们也会有小组(3-5人)分享和祷告。我们也会分享生活见证,在基督里的信心以及与慕道朋友讨论基督基要信仰。衷心欢迎所有讲中文的弟兄,姐妹和朋友们参加。如果您对基督教有兴趣的话,也欢迎您来中文主日学班。您如果想了解更多信息,请与 或赵云阁联系