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Our Leaders

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Trinity functions under the presbyterian form of church government. The congregation nominates and elects elders and deacons to serve as the officers of the church. These elders (known as ruling elders) along with the pastors (called teaching elders) are responsible for the church's governance and spiritual oversight. Deacons are responsible for meeting the physical needs of the congregation and for managing the church's resources. Both elders and deacons serve on various committees and ministry teams with congregational members and staff of the church.


The body responsible for the church's governance and spiritual oversight is known as the Session. It consists of the ruling elders and pastors who have been called by the congregation.

Within the Session, nine ruling elders and two teaching elders serve on a rotating basis as the Church Governance Commission (CGC), to which the Session has delegated authority to make administrative decisions. When the CGC deals with matters of church policy or fails to reach a 2/3 majority on any vote, it passes its recommendations to the full Session, with whom authority resides. Ruling elders not on the CGC serve as shepherding elders; in their roles as elders residing in particular geographical areas of the community they are also known as parish elders. The CGC ordinarily meets twice a month, and the full Session convenes quarterly. The Session has two officers: the moderator, who is one of the teaching elders, and the clerk, a ruling elder.

The Session also has other standing committees. In addition, ruling elders are members of the various ministry teams and churchwide committees and serve as liaisons with the Session.


Deacons are responsible for seeing that the physical needs of the congregation are met, for managing the church's resources, and for cultivating a heart of compassion and a spirit of benevolence within the church body.

The deacons select one of their members as their administrative chair. Each deacon participates in the work of one of six subcommittees of the diaconate. Deacons serve the entire congregation, with special attention to the members of their own parishes.

Ruling Elders
Bob Amacker Jim Avery
Greg Breeding
Bob Byrne
Bill Cassidy
John Collmus
Carlton Dixon
John Gayle
Fitz Green
Michael Guthrie
Sam Heath
Tim Jones
Mark King
David Lepage
Lee Livingston
Philip Lorish
Michael Martin
Corey McLellan
David Mills
Louis Nelson
Tom Nolan
Dick Pearson
Bill Porter
Mike Richards
David Turner
Craig Wood
Wes Zell

Teaching Elders
Wade Bradshaw Michael Hall*
Todd Johnson
Joe Magri
Kelly Scott*
Greg Thompson*
Drew Trotter*

*w/Blue Ridge Presbytery

Elders Emeritus
Nick Carter
Waugh Crigler
Ken Elzinga
Bill Jones
Ron Wilson

Hunter Chorey Trey Coe Brian Cullaty
Russ Edwards
Erik Elvgren
Ryan Feaver
Bob Fleischman
Jim Garmey
Jerry Jared Doug Jensen
Jeff Johnson
Michael Joyce
Ed Lewis
Bob Luck
Kase Luzar
Bob Mallette
Russell Marks Lee Messimer
Bob Muir
John A. Owen
Alex Piedra
Will Schnorr
Stu Scott
Clark Walker
Guy Webster

Deacons Emeritus
Chauncey Hutter Gene Potter Bob Reynolds
Lew Williams