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Encore Ministry

Conversational Potlucks

There's still one Conversational Potluck left on May 13. You'll have the opportunity to meet people, spend time in fellowship, and eat good food. Sign up here and your hosts will contact you about what to bring and any other details. If you have questions, contact Dick Pearson at 434.996.4920.

Encore is a ministry both to and for people from their mid-50s and up.

The Encore Ministry exists as both a ministry to and a ministry of those members in our congregation who are near or at the "next phase" of their career and life stage. This could mean members in their mid to late 50s who are approaching retirement or are already retired and looking for new opportunities for fellowship and service, or members in their 80s who are full of wisdom and life experience to share, but who also may have physical and practical needs that can be met by others in our congregation. Our goals are to provide spaces for fellowship, prayer, and connection on a semi-regular basis; to provide spaces to wrestle well with pertinent spiritual and practical issues present in these life stages; and to provide opportunities for our parishioners to both engage in service and receive service as part of our life together as a body.

Leadership Team
Tim Jones, Dick Pearson, Janet Pearson, Sean Greer, Nancy Muir, Travis Pickell

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