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Understanding the riches we have already received in Christ liberates us from the need to make an idol of our possessions and motivates us to invest our wealth, talents, and time in the eternal kingdom of God.


All online gifts for 2017 must be posted by 12:00am EST on Sunday, December 31. Mailed gifts must be postmarked December 30 (because the 31st falls on Sunday). Gifts posted or postmarked after that must be credited to 2018 (in accordance with IRS regulations).

ways you can Give

  • Give during Sunday worship by placing your check or cash in the offering basket. Many Christians historically divide giving into weekly or monthly amounts and give them during the offering. It's a tangible way to connect giving and worship.
  • GIVE ONLINE. Please consider increasing your online gift by 2–3% to cover the processing fees. A short how-to video can be found here.
  • Online bank accounts or systems such as Quicken can be set up to send checks automatically. Simply have them mailed to the church office (PO Box 5102, Charlottesville, VA 22905-5102).
  • Donate stocks and mutual funds, which can often provide you with added tax benefits. To donate stock, call Davenport & Co. at 434-245-1545. Inform them you are making a gift to Trinity Presbyterian Church (acct #84015735 / DTC #0715). They will handle the transfer of your stock gift. Please consult a tax professional before initiating any transfer of securities. You must also alert Mary Wilson that you will be donating stock.
  • Talk to a financial advisor about other creative long-term giving opportunities. Contact Mary Wilson to set up a meeting with a financial advisor. Possibilities include making TPC the partial beneficiary of your life insurance policy/IRA/401k, including TPC in your will, giving non–real estate personal property, establishing charitable trusts to benefit heirs and TPC, etc.
making TPC the partial beneficiary of their life insurance policies/IRA’s/401k’s, including TPC in their will, giving real estate, giving non-real estate gifts of personal property, establishing charitable trusts to benefit heirs and TPC, etc.