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Ted and Carolyn Turnau

International Institute for Christian Studies

Ted and Carolyn Turnau have lived and worked in Prague, Czech
Republic, since 1999 with an agency now called Global Scholars. Ted teaches 
cultural and religious studies at Anglo-American University (a small business and 
liberal arts college) and Charles University (the big state university in Prague). He 
tries to teach in these secular environments in ways that challenge the students' 
regular ways of thinking, to get them to consider that God is real. Ted also 
occasionally teaches seminary classes in apologetics and culture in Wales and 
Latvia; he also speaks at conferences in Europe. Ted is the author of 
Popologetics (2012) and he is hard at work on two more books.  Ted and Carolyn 
helped start the Christian International School of Prague (CISP) in 2004. Carolyn 
teaches 8th–10th grade Bible, and Ted teaches comparative worldviews to 11th 
graders and apologetics to 12th graders. In addition to their work in the 
classroom, Ted and Carolyn host students at their house for movie discussions 
and parties. Ted and Carolyn have three children: Roger, Claire, and Ruth.

Czech Republic